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How do I transfer property from one owner to another?

Generally, you should contact an attorney or a title company to prepare the type document needed. Some forms are available in form books at the library or at an office supply store. After the document is prepared, if it is a recordable document (which means it meets the recording standards and is properly signed and notarized) you may bring or mail the document to the County Clerk's Office to be recorded in Official Public Records. There is a fee to record your document.

I can't get my family member to sign a deed over to me, what do I do?

Contact an attorney for legal advice.

My mortgage company sent me this document to record, but I don't know what it means. Could you explain what this document does?

The County Clerk's Office cannot explain what a document does from a legal standpoint. Our office only handles the recording of documents in Official Public Records. We can not provide legal advice. You may wish to contact your mortgage company (the office that sent you the document) or contact your attorney.

I need a copy of my property map. Where do I go?

You may visit the County Clerk's office to obtain a copy of a recorded plat for your subdivision. You may also research through our website to view the plat maps. If the property is in an area that does not have a plat on file, you may wish to view your recorded deed to see if a map was attached and filed with it.

How do I find out who owns the property across the street from me?

Contact the Titus County Tax Office, the Titus County Central Appraisal District.

I have lost my original deed. Where can I obtain another one?

If your deed has been recorded in the Office of the County Clerk, you may obtain a certified copy of your deed, which will stand as the original. Otherwise, you may wish to contact an attorney for legal advice.

What is your website address? How do I look up my deed records on your website?

The website is From the Titus County home page, look to the left for a link to "County Clerk". From the Titus County Clerk home page, look on the right side for the listing of Index Search or click the icon on the right side titled "Find Info Quick". Click there and you will be given a list of type records you may research.

I want to divide my property between my children or subdivide the property into lots to sell. What do I need to do?

If the property is within a city limits, contact City Hall.


I want to file for a DBA (Assumed Name Certificate). I live in Titus County. Should I only file my DBA here even if I am doing business in other counties? And how often do I have to file a new DBA form?

Your DBA (Assumed Name Certificate) should be on file in each county you are doing business in, as well as the county in which the business is located. DBA's are valid for 10 years, unless otherwise specified.

I want to file a DBA (Assumed Name), but I don't know if the name is being used by anyone else. Can you search the records for me?

The County Clerk does not conduct this type of search. However, you may search the property records for yourself at the office at 100 West First Street, Mt. Pleasant OR visit

Once I file my DBA, will that prevent someone else from using the name I chose for my business?

No. We do not conduct a search and can not refuse to accept a DBA that has the same name as an existing business

Who do I contact about collecting sales tax through my business?

Contact the State Comptroller at 1-800-252-8880

I want to incorporate my business. Who do I contact?

Contact the Secretary of State at 512-463-5555

I am starting my own business. I need to get a tax ID#. Where do I go?

Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040

I want to start a business selling cotton candy. Who do I contact?

For any food related business if the business is within the city limits, contact City Hall. If the food related business is within the county, contact the County Health Department at 903.572.3483

Where can I obtain resource information for starting a business?

- Your local chamber of commerce.
- Internal Revenue Service Small Business Workshops


Is there a fee to file my Military Discharge Records (DD214)?

No. There is no fee to place your Military Discharge Records on file in Official Public Records.

Is there a fee for a copy of my Military Discharge Records (DD214)?

There is no fee for a copy of your Military Discharge Records if you show proof that it is needed to make a claim for military benefits.

There is a judgment filed against me in the Official Records of Titus County. I have never been involved in any court action. How do I get this document removed from the records?

Once a document is recorded in Official Public Records our office cannot remove it unless we have an expunction order . Chapter 51 of the Texas Government Code addresses the proper procedure to follow if you feel a fraudulent document has been filed.

For any other questions, please contact us.


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