Provide you general information regarding the criminal justice system.
If you have never had experience with the criminal justice system, the process may be confusing. Victim Assistance is available to help you understand how the system actually works. As your case moves through the judicial system, Victim Assistance is available to answer questions regarding the progress of your case.

Aid in completing the Victim Impact Statement or Crime Loss Form.
The Victim Impact Statement is a detailed account of the emotional, physical and financial effects the crime has had on you, the victim and your family members. The office of the District Attorney will provide you with this form and help you complete it, if necessary. If you have been a victim of a property crime you will receive a Crime Loss Form on which you may provide information on your financial and property losses.

Aid in preparing an application through the Crime Victim Compensation fund.
Victims may receive help in paying certain bills that are incurred as a result of a crime. Victim Assistance can help you understand the requirements that must be met to be eligible for the Crime Victim Compensation fund. If you meet the basic requirements my office will assist you in preparing the application to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

Refer you to various social service agencies.
There are many social service agencies that can help you in the aftermath of a crime. Victim Assistance can help put you in contact with the agencies that may be able to help you.

Court ordered restitution.
When a defendant is convicted, the Court may order restitution be paid as a condition of probation or parole and, in some cases, may create a judgment lien in behalf of the victim. The court may order restitution for any loss and it is not limited to violent offenses as is the Compensation Fund. It is important that you assist law enforcement in gathering information concerning your individual loss and give that to our office. My office will present the information to the court at the time of trial and seek to obtain the court order for you.

Aid in returning property involved in a criminal case.
If your property has been held as evidence in a criminal case our office can assist you in regaining possession of your property.