Click a link below to view information pertaining to the various fees the Titus County Clerk's Office charges.
  Beer / Wine Fees - $5 per certification [MORE INFO]
  Birth Certificates
  Death Certificates
  Marriage Licenses - Formal and Informal
(with or without an approved marriage counseling class)
  Military Discharge
  Official Public Records Real & Personal Property

Titus County Service Fees
(filed with Texas Comptroller Ch118.131(f) LGC)


     Subpoenas 85.00
     Summons 85.00
     Writ of Attachment 150.00
     Writ of Garnishment 100.00
     Writ of Sequestration 150.00
     Orders of Sale 150.00
     Writ of Possession 150.00
     Forceble Detainer 100.00
     Writ of Execution 175.00
Service Fees:
     Small Claims Citation 85.00
     Justice Court Citation 85.00
     All Other Courts’ Citations 85.00
Other Service Fees:
     Citation by Posting 25.00
     Restraining Order 85.00
          After first attempt is made without  
         service, subsequent trips will be  
         charged per mile. 0.57


Foreclosure Notice $3.00
Certificate of Filing $1.00
Meetings/Postings $3.00
Certificate of Posting $1.00

Paper Copy Fees

Plain Copy $1.00 per page
Certified Copy $1.00 per page + $5.00 document certification
Certificate of Authentication $5.00 per certificate

Titus County Clerks Office
100 West First Street, Suite 204 - Mt. Pleasant, Texas 75455
Phone: (903)577-6796 - Fax: (903)572-5078
Business Hours: 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-4:45pm Monday-Friday
(*closed for lunch 12p-1p)